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November 18th, 2010

02:00 pm - a game on the bay area rapid transportation (BART) aka their metro
My total commute per day is a little bit over 3 hours and I spend it mostly on the BART.

Sometimes I sleep, but then I miss my stop. Sometimes I read, but then I miss my stop. Sometimes I do work, but then it makes me look like I had a prolongued seizure and decided to do homework during it. I always wear earplugs or unplugged earphones because the decibel level is way higher than the "occupationally safe" 24-hr exposure level (OMGGG MY EXPOSURE ASSESSMENT CLASSS) of 70dB. Even if the deafening noises from BART isn't constant, I still dont' appreciate it.

Anyways. So i pass time by playing the "find an item that classifies gender" game. I choose a person of indeterminable gender and go through a list of items they are wearing or carrying and see if that can help me guage what sex they are. (an item is a "no" if i have seen both a MAN and a WOMAN with it.)

nice purse - no
women's shoes - no
dangly earrings - no
leggings - no
saggy jeans that expose boxers - no
skirts - no
long shampoo-commercial hair - no
make up - no
painted nails - no
spaghetti strap tank tops - no
bared midriff - no
boobs/no boobs - no
fashion scarf - no
indian chief headdress - no

the only thing so far that tells me for sure the person is a woman is if she is wearing high heeled shoes. if the person is wearing flat shoes, then i have to wait and hear their voice before deciding what gender they are.

this isn't everyone on the metro.. just a few people i see who i stare at for an hour and a half trying to figure out what gender they are.

there really were two separate people, one male (i think???????) and one female (i think?????????) wearing indian chief headdresses.

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November 1st, 2010

09:46 pm - nanowrimo 2010
after years of contemplating and putting it off, i'm doing it!


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September 15th, 2010

08:16 pm - saturated fats
in my attempt to lose some weight, i've started checking for saturated fats in all the junk food i eat. this includes a lot: potato chips, cookies, snack mixes, crackers, chocolate, gummies, ice cream, ramen, miscellaneous candy, random asian crap, nutella, etc. so i look at the saturated fat and try not to eat too many grams of it.

i've also taken to eating breakfast! namely, breakfast bars. there are many of these in california that are vegan, kosher, nut-seed-dried-fruit ("trio") mumbo jumbo health freak bars. vegans are healthy, right? so i just grab one from my cousin's pantry each morning... i feel like a squirrel or a bird eating these. they are literally all nuts and seeds. ugh. but they're healthy, so i persist.

sitting on the BART today, i check the nutrition facts of the trio bar...

IT HAS MORE SATURATED FAT THAN OREOS!!!!!!!!! >:O >:O >:O >:O >:O >:O >:O!!!!!!!!!! here i am scrimping and budgeting my saturated fats and these STUPID TASTING BARS HAVE THEM! RAWR!!!!!!!!

so i stopped eating that bar half way through, and i'm sitting here with an entire pack of oreos opened in front of me. take that.

ALSO TODAY, i made a pasta (orzo with garlic spaghetti sauce) thinking it would be healthy. i'm eating and eating and i realize why i'm getting pissed off--THERE'S NO MEAT. but i force myself to eat until i'm full, so i don't snack later.

i wait like 5 minutes. i can't stand it, so i ransack the fridge and i find a bamboo-wrapped-sticky-rice with MEAT IN IT!!! i steam it and i eat it because i'm craving meat, but unhappily because i'm already full and now stuffed. so i eat because i'm unhappy, and i'm unhappy because i eat. and i still have the no-meat-pasta-taste in my memory so i'm eating oreos. because of that dang trio bar.

lastly, i'd like to say to the berkeley campus: PUT ON A DANG SHIRT, YOU HIPPIES!

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June 22nd, 2010

06:33 pm - Best Email from Uncle Jason
Dear Sonya, Thank you for your help to coordination with Youth!

"What is 短褲?" 短褲: means: short pant - short pant: is not long pant!

Regards, Jason

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April 16th, 2010

07:00 pm - OH NOOOO
with ryan gone and my day spent at home, my eating habits have picked back up again. ;_;

yesterday breakfast: 2 pizza slices, bowl fried rice
yesterday lunch: chinese take out, noodles, soup
yesterday 2nd lunch: pizza, pocky
yesterday snack: roll of ritz crackers, pocky
yesterday dinner: chinese take out, noodles, other chinese side dishes, pocky, junk food

today: sticky rice, marshmellows, chinese food, crab/artichoke dip with fried pita, jamaican jerk chicken, crispy chicken strips, pocky, pizza, sticky rice, small steak, tuna, someone stop me it's only 7pm.

i am jack's lack of self control

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March 19th, 2010

12:38 pm - chicago quotes
10 minutes of putting everything back on after having to take almost every article of clothing off at the security check point to get a pat down "... aaand i put my belt on wrong."

"guys think about sex like it's their birthday."
"that's once a year..."
"oh. i mean like it's their job. the song "birthday sex" was going on in my head."

"...like rocks."
"...like rocks."

oh uh hotdog.


getting rid of problems by proclaiming the extinction:
"the zoo has giraffes, and the aquarium has beluga whales."
"well giraffes are extinct, so it doesn't matter anymore."
"but vicky has to catch the train back."
"well she's extinct, so it doesn't matter."

vicky's itinerary
vicky's beer pong throw that went one inch from her throwing hand.

"dude, when i'm drunk i feel like i could walk to australia."

"crab rangoon."

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March 12th, 2010

08:50 am - deep dish, hot dogs, down town restaurants.
Chicago for the weekend to see Vick :D


which ultimately means stuffing our faces silly with a gross amount of food.

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March 6th, 2010

10:36 am - laptop
After spending a straight week researching Lenovo for em's laptop purchase, and then another week during the holidays at BestBuy everyday (thank you, boys who live in ffx/burke)... i'm gonna get one. YAY the most exciting part is having a built in webcam so i can skype with semy and em. HAHA

I liked the Toshiba Satellite in the store, but i was convinced out of it, so i looked at ASUS and Lenovo instead. I'm not a gamer so i don't need a good video card, but i tend to button smash when the computer takes forever so i do want a fast processor. and JUST SAY NO! to a glossy lid that captures fingerprints as if it's on CSI. i also wanted a full number pad, but i can't be greedy now, can i?

Lenovo IdeaPad y450 with:
Intel Core 2 Duo processor T6600
320GB hard drive
6 cell battery

$640... fair?

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February 23rd, 2010

12:41 pm - Lent
This year i gave up Facebook and AIM.

i have SO MUCH TIME, and i can SLEEP SO EARLY!

this is amazing!

and i need more clothes hangers.

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December 30th, 2009

06:37 pm - NY, All Stars Retreat, Verizon
As usual, I was with my cousins in NY for Christmas, and i totally exploded Mission: Gum. AND we found these delightful new games called Monopoly Deal and Scrabble Slam! wonderful! and my cousins are absolutely hilarious.

shopping with clandestine claus groups was great fun :) HOWEVER, i was switching the parking spaces with my dad when sonya called me, so i picked up and said "I'm parking the car now, so i can't talk" and then proceeded to throw my phone "in my bag". I say "in my bag" in quotes because that's where I AIMED, but that's not necessarily where it actually ended up. So i threw my phone "in my bag" and parked the car, grabbed my bag, and went to the other car to drive. I return home to scour both cars/my bag/my clothes and I seriously cannot find this phone! I give up and go to dinner.

Dinner with Vick/Yonk/Yuan/etc was hilarious as well, but it's a scary thought to be growing up, because now the "kids" outnumber the "adults" with the added number of significant others. o_o yeah. soon we're going to be throwing our own dinner parties and having our kids sit together at the kids' table.

Middle school kids are crazy. precious, but crazy. And they had some pretty awesome prayer stations that i will totally jack from them. whoohoo!

and as soon as I got back, I drove to the verizon store and asked them to transfer my number to VERIZON.


I have only ever been subscribed with Nextel, on the Nationwide-No-Service-Anywhere-Plan. I was fully used to losing service while moving/driving anywhere. I was also used to losing service whiel standing still in a spot that originally had service. I was used to never using my phone inside a building, or in a 20 foot radius around that building. i was used to hanging up on westmoreland (and all streets parallel to westmoreland in mclean) just to avoid an inevitable dropped call.

VERIZON IS AMAZING. i feel like i am speaking crystal clearly 24/7. even when i'm not on my phone. I CAN MAKE CALLS ON WESTMORELAND STREET!!!!!!!!!!! THIS IS INCREDIBLE. I feel weightless!

disclaimer: i'm not a fan of hyper-connectivity, but verizon's service is pretty bomb.

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