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November 19th, 2010

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09:24 pm - exposure assessment
this class makes me laugh.

but not in a good way. it makes me laugh in a mentally unstable type of way. so we usually have about 4 or 5 homework questions due every week. those homework sets take about... 8-10 hours of working at them to complete. there's inevitably a terrible excel problem that takes 2 hours to set up and then another hour trying to figure out what the HECK you're trying to answer and then sadly realizing that you still have to do a massive amount of calculations on paper. and then there's also the inevitable problem that no one in the class understands and when you collaborate, everyone has a different answer.

anyways, we got one week off, and now the homework set is 16 questions.



yes, it's like having six teenagers doing drugs and killing things inside your skull. 16 questions = 30 hours of working crouched over a piece of paper, flipping through all of the notes and wracking your brain for some way of combining the equations from lecture 2, lecture 9, and lecture 10 to somehow even produce a number. or hunched over a keyboard cursing at excel.

yay! 'tis and early start to the christmas season.

ah, yes... christmas season. i'm back in school, which means i will get to feel the sense of release from impending doom and destruction (finals) as i step out of my last class...

okay seriuosly i ONLY update lj when i have a lot of work to do. wow. gj. i don't even make sense. i'm gonna go play withm y awesome noise cancelling headphones.

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